Criminal defense and sanctions lawyers

Our Firm

Our law firm is the best small law firm in the Netherlands in handling issues of financial, economic and environmental law in relation to sanctions or criminal law. We have committed ourselves to deliver the highest standard possible and we are working on every case as a team. That approach makes that we always achieve the best result possible. Our unique approach and small team makes it possible to deliver the best quality for a fair price.

Legal advice and assistance

We offer advice and assistance when you need it. It goes without saying that this is always strictly confidential. When do you need our assistance? For example when your company is a suspect of violation of the environmental rules. Criminal inquiries can have drastic consequences, for example for the reputation of your company. It is also possible that you as an entrepreneur or CEO will be held responsible for the actions taken by your company or taken by an employee of your company. To prevent a great deal of damage, we will advise and assist you in handling the governemental inquiries and we will advise you on the best defence strategy possible.

Criminal defence and sanctions lawyer

Because our specialized criminal defence and sanctions lawyers are experienced in all areas of sanctions law, including international and European extraditions (for example of Polish citizins who live in the Netherlands), corruption or fraud inquiries, environmental laws, enforcement by the Inspection SZW (Authority for fair, healthy and safe working conditions and socio-economic security) or ACM (Authority for Consumers & Markets), but also in psyhical abuse, theft and (armed) robbery, we can offer anyone in the field of sanctions and criminal law the assistance he or she needs.


All our lawyers speak and understand English. Our offices are in Leiden, The Hague and Rotterdam, but we handle cases in the Netherlands and in Europe.

Examples of cases we handle

More examples of the kind of (criminal) cases we handle are:

  • Money laundering;
  • All kinds of administrative sanctions (from NVWA (health and safety on products, food and animals), ILT (transport) etc.);
  • Fraud (FIOD) and bribery;
  • Medications;
  • Shipping (EVOA);
  • Bankruptcy fraud;
  • Cyber crime;
  • Cases (cassation) for the Supreme Court of the Netherlands;
  • Representation of lawyers and health professionals in disciplinary proceedings;
  • Extraditions (both European and other countries);
  • Violation of environmental laws (both domestic and international).

SKE Human Rights

SKE Advocaten proudly announces a partnership with Ad Astra Advocaten, a dedicated law firm entirely focused on defending human rights. Read more about this partnership in our blog.